Rereading Kage Baker’s Company Series at!

IdenFinally, it can be told! The main reason I’ve been quiet here in the past few months is that I’ve been reading in preparation for a new project: a reread of the entire Company series by Kage Baker. The introductory post just went up at this morning. Check it out!

I’ve been a big fan of the series since the earliest days, so I’m very excited about this reread and hope you’ll join us. If you’re new to the series, there will be spoilers, but I’ll be covering just a few chapters per week so it’s not that hard to catch up somewhere along the way.

In either case: yay, Company series reread!


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2 Responses to Rereading Kage Baker’s Company Series at!

  1. This is awesome! I’m doing a Time Traveler’s Almanac Read-Along right, and I just read Bakers two of her Company series short stories, Noble Mold and A Night on Barbary Coast, the past month. After I read Noble Mold, I was like, I was to read all the stories! 😀

    Unfortunately, I don’t have time for another read-along (otherwise I’d totally jump in with this one), but are all of the short stories also included in those 9 books?

    • No, there are a lot more short stories than the ones included in these nine books. There are three other major collections of short stories, from three different publishers, and they all have some overlap with each other and with the 9 Tor titles. Take a look at the article — it’s all in there.

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