What is Far Beyond Reality?

Far Beyond Reality is a science fiction and fantasy review blog written and maintained by Stefan Raets. The blog’s main focus is book reviews, but will occasionally also feature news items, interviews, and other SFF-related ramblings. The blog’s name was inspired by the Beyond Reality discussion group, which I moderated for over a decade.

Who are you?

My name is Stefan Raets, and I’m a freelance writer and book reviewer. My reviews regularly appear on www.tor.com, where I’m also a moderator. You can follow me on Twitter at @sraets, or email me at farbeyondrealityblog AT gmail DOT com.

What’s your review policy?

I will consider for review any SFF book published in an SFWA Qualifying Professional Market or the equivalent abroad. I prefer print copies but I’m happy to review e-galleys/e-books too. I don’t accept self-published titles or audio-books for review at this time. If you would like to send me a book for review, please email me at farbeyondrealityblog AT gmail DOT com. Queries which do not qualify will be discarded. I will send you a link to the review of your book once it has been published.

What else should I know?

All reviews, articles and other writings here are the sole property and copyright of Stefan Raets. If you are interested in using my reviews in your publication or blog, please contact me at farbeyondrealityblog AT gmail DOT com.

Many of the reviews here are based on free review copies provided by publishers. This obviously does not influence the content or ratings of my reviews in any way. Still, the FTC likes you to be aware of this, so there you go.

If you would like to support Far Beyond Reality, I have (upon request, believe it or not) put a Donate button on the right side of the page. (Or you can just click here.) Also, if you purchase books on Amazon, please consider clicking on the book links in my reviews to make your purchases. This way, I will receive a small commission from Amazon, which I will then most probably use to buy more books. That way I can write more reviews, enabling you to discover more great reads and buy them, leading to more books and more reviews, and so on and so forth, world without end.