Talking With Tom: A Conversation Between Tom Doherty and Brandon Sanderson

Today posted the fourth installment in my Talking with Tom series, which covers a series of conversations between Tor publisher Tom Doherty and some of the authors he’s worked with over the years. In this post, Tom chats with Brandon Sanderson about topics ranging from Sanderson’s career, his work on the Wheel of Time series, the subtle connections between almost all of his novels, and, in the following excerpt, even the origins of the famed Tor logo:

Tor-Logo1SANDERSON: That’s the first time I knew that Tor was a thing. I was like, “Hey, who’s this publisher?” You have the best logo in publishing. I don’t know if you feel that, but the little mountain…

DOHERTY: That was all about visibility. I started out as a salesman, and we used to check stock. I wanted something you could see from a distance. If you have ten letters, they have to be small to fit on the spine of a paperback. If you have three letters with a handsome image, it fits in and you can do it big enough so it’s visible. That was the idea behind Tor: mountain peak, small, nice looking, and just three letters.

bantambooksSANDERSON: That mountain peak, as a fantasy reader, actually meant “fantasy” to me. I’d see a lot of the logos, like—well, I’m fine with Bantam, but it’s a chicken, right? Isn’t that Bantam? I didn’t see chicken and think, “Oooh, fantasy novel.” With the Tor mountain peak, we’ve got the Dragonmount, we’ve got the Mines of Moria with the mounds… It’s just so evocative of the genre. I’d see it and think, “Oh, fantasy novel.” So that was very smart.

Please click here to read the entire conversation at!

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