At the Booksmugglers and at My 2013 Favorites!

Today you can find me at, where I’m part of the 2013 Reviewers’ Choice listing my three favorite books of 2013. This article also contains a huge amount of great book recommendations from the rest of’s excellent team of reviewers.

Read the entire 2013 Reviewers’ Choice here!

Also today, I’m over at The Booksmugglersparticipating in their annual Smugglivus festivities! Rather than just doing a list of my favorite books again, I decided to focus on my favorite short story collections of the year there.  

Read my contribution to Smugglivus 2013 here!

(And a quick programming note: asked everyone to stick to 200 words or less. Being one of those people who has trouble counting to 20 in 200 words or less, this posed a challenge for me. Because of this, and because I decided to focus on just one category of books for Smugglivus, I’ll be doing a longer post about all my favorite 2013 books here on Far Beyond Reality, some time in the next week or two.)

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2 Responses to At the Booksmugglers and at My 2013 Favorites!

  1. I’m vaguely curious where that photo of you was taken. It looks not far away from my mountain west homeland.

    Also, I agree with at least one of your choices, as you might have guessed. 😉 Gotta pick up Hild in the near future as well.

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