Under The Radar: Janny Wurts (at Tor.com)

CurseoftheMistwraithToday you can find my newest Under The Radar post over at Tor.com:

For this installment of Under The Radar—the biweekly column where we highlight books that have unjustly gone unnoticed—I’m going to stretch our definition a bit by highlighting Janny Wurts, an author who has been, well, definitely not unnoticed, but at least underappreciated by readers and critics alike.

Yes, Wurts has published well over a dozen novels with major publishers over the course of her three decade career, but still, somehow her name rarely comes up whenever someone asks for epic fantasy recommendations.

Since I happen to believe that, once it’s completed, her Wars of Light and Shadow series will be counted among the great enduring classics of epic fantasy, I thought I’d take this opportunity to spread the word a bit.

Please check out the rest of the post at Tor.com!

(And, if this convinced you to check out Janny Wurts’ novels, the Kindle edition of The Curse of the Mistwraith (my review), the opening volume of her Wars of Light and Shadow series, is on sale for $0.99 at the time I’m posting this, and the sequel The Ships of Merior for $1.99!)

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4 Responses to Under The Radar: Janny Wurts (at Tor.com)

  1. Bob R Milne says:

    I really need to catch up with this series – I’m a few books in, and I love it, but just haven’t had a chance to finish it off.

  2. Kat says:

    I tried reading “Curse of the Mistwraith” many years ago, but the sheer density of the prose and the lack of clear-cut good-versus-evil put me off. I could sense that there was something impressive here, but I wasn’t ready to access it. Now however, with some more writing and life experience under my belt, and after reading your wonderful Under the Radar article, I want to give the series another shot.

    Thank you so much for writing this!

    • Thanks for your comment! There’s definitely a lot in her work for mature, experienced readers to enjoy. I’m having a similar experience with CJ Cherryh right now – some of her novels didn’t work for me when I read them a long time ago, but rereading them now I can see how much I missed.

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