Speculative Fiction 2013 (Ana Grilo and Thea James, Eds.)

SpeculativeFiction2013After last year’s Speculative Fiction 2012, a collection of the best SF/F-related online commentary selected and edited by Justin Landon and Jared Shurin, the editorial reins were handed over to Ana Grilo and Thea James, also known as the proprietresses of the estimable Booksmugglers website. Now, about one year later, we have another beautiful collection of insightful online essays about speculative fiction, entitled, yes, Speculative Fiction 2013.

From the editors:

What’s wrong with “strong” female characters?
What can we do to fix the Hugo awards?
What determines a dystopian society’s dress code?
Can a video game affirm our humanity?

The Internet has the answers. Speculative Fiction 2013 collects over fifty pieces from all corners of speculative fiction fandom – from book criticism to incisive commentary on important issues like sexual harassment at conventions; from feminist themes in summer blockbusters to life-changing video games; from the merits of grittiness to the downfalls of grimdark.

Speculative Fiction 2013 features an introduction by Seanan McGuire and a stylish cover illustration and design by Sarah Anne Langton, who also did the memorable cover for the first collection.

As for the contributors, Ana and Thea have done a tremendous job gathering articles from a diverse, eloquent and knowledgeable group of bloggers, writers and reviewers. Here’s the full list of contributors. (Names marked with * were nominated for the 2014 Hugo Awards. Note: last year’s collection also received a Hugo nomination for Best Related Work.)

The contributors for Speculative Fiction 2013 include: Abigail Nussbaum*, Aidan Moher*, Alasdair Czyrnyj, Aliette de Bodard*, Alyssa Franke, Amal El-Mohtar, Ana Silva, Ann Leckie*, Annalee Newitz, Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Carrie Sessarego, Chaila, Chiusse, Chris Gerwel, Diane Dooley, E.M. Kokie, Emily Asher-Perrin, Erin Hoffman, Foz Meadows*, Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Jemmy, Jenny Kristine, Jim C. Hines, Joe Abercrombie, Jonathan McCalmont, Kameron Hurley*, Karyn Silverman, Kate Elliott, Leow Hui Min Annabeth, Liz Bourke*, Mahvesh Murad, Matt Hilliard, Miguel Rodriguez, N.K. Jemisin, Natalie Luhrs, Niall Alexander, Nina Allan, Orem Chiel, Paul (Sparky), Phoebe North, Renay, Robert Berg, Sam Keeper, Sayantani DasGupta, Shaun Duke*, Sophia McDougall, Stefan Raets and Tansy Rayner Roberts*.

(And yes, perceptive readers will note that my name is once again in the list. This year, the editors selected my article about C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner, as well as the guest post Ann Leckie wrote in response. Far Beyond Reality is included twice this year! Yes, I’m proud.)

You can buy Speculative Fiction 2013 at all the usual places — here are links to the paperback edition and the Kindle edition (only $3.99!) on Amazon US. All profits from sales of Speculative Fiction 2013 will be donated to Room To Read, and I believe many contributors (including me) have chosen to donate their payments for the included articles to the same charity.

The Booksmugglers are currently running a giveaway of two paperback copies of the collection, and you can also head to Goodreads to win one of five copies.

Finally, in what seems to be turning into a wonderful tradition, the editorial reins for next year’s edition of Speculative Fiction have been handed over again, to Shaun Duke (of the Skiffy and Fanty Show podcast) and Renay (of Lady Business). You can find more details, as well as the submission guidelines for Speculative Fiction 2014, here.

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