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It’s been quiet here at Far Beyond Reality, hasn’t it? Between starting to work full time for Tor.com and, somewhat connected to that, taking a brief vacation from reviewing so I can read some books just for fun, without taking notes and so on… well, it turns out that left little time to post here on a regular basis.

But, by the power of arbitrarily chosen dates, I declare this hiatus to be over as of 2015! I’ve read about 30 novels since I stopped writing full reviews in August, and I plan to write something about them throughout the dark months of January and February. The result may be just a bunch of vague-ish mini-reviews, but nevertheless, There Will Be Reviews! Soon.

Meanwhile, you can already find my early onset ramblings over at the intrepid Booksmugglers, who invited me back to participate in their annual Smugglivus festivities for the second year in a row. Behold! It is I, proudly and boldly Smugglivating! Or something.

And! A little earlier this month, I also was asked by Tor.com to participate in their annual Reviewers’ Choice roundup of the best reads of 2014. I always feel a bit intimidated by this group of towering intellects, but anyway, here’s the whole roundup with my bit third from the end.

And that’s probably it for me for 2014, unless I can work up the energy to run the statistics on who/what I’ve read in the course of the year. I’m not really feeling very number-crunchy right now though, so instead I’ll maybe just leave you with these patriotically festive New Year’s alpacas. Happy 2015 to all!





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