Nature Abhors a Vacuum: Rereading Cibola Burn (on

CibolaBurnToday you can find me on writing about Cibola Burn, the fourth book in the Expanse series, as part of our unofficial “Fellowship of the Expanse”: we asked four great SF/F reviewers/critics (and me, ahaha) to write an in-depth post about each book of the SF series, leading up to the premiere of the TV show next week.

Here’s a snippet from my post (which, obviously, is about the fourth book in a series so spoilers ahoy if you click through to the full article):

The situation on the alien planet is an incredibly tense mini-version of the political landscape that James S.A. Corey has built up in the previous novels. The author (or, well, you know, authors) have taken some significant bits from each faction in the story and put them in a tiny Petri dish: Belters face off against Inner Planets folks, the alien element is the catalyst that sends everything into a crazy tail-spin, and Holden and his crew try to prevent the situation from blowing up even further. Put all four of those together, not on the broader canvas of the solar system but in a claustrophobically tiny and isolated colony on an alien planet that seems to be doing its best to destroy everything on it surface, and things are likely to go boom. Which they do, spectacularly.

Read the full article here!

And, here are links to the other installments so far:

Edit: I really hope they’re not being sarcastic here, because this sort of made my day.

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