The Week That Was: March 18th, 2012

I don’t have a huge list of links for you, mainly because my week was filled with all kinds of minor and major disasters that (for the most part) had absolutely nothing to do with science fiction and fantasy. As a result, I haven’t read much, I haven’t written much, I haven’t slept much, and I haven’t collected links. Much. I did find these four interesting posts for you. For some reason they’re all interviews this time:

  • Here’s a great interview with Will McIntosh, one of the most promising new writers of the moment. I’ve reviewed both of his novels here before: Soft Apocalypse and Hitchers.
  • Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist had an interview with Bradley Beaulieu that’s worth reading if you’re familiar with the author’s work. (I spent most of the week reading The Winds of Khalakovo and will have a review here soon, and I will also have a review of the sequel The Straits of Galahesh on soon.)
  • This interview with Myke Cole is one of the most entertaining ones I’ve read in a long time. Check it out if you’ve read Shadow Ops: Control Point. (And if you haven’t, go read the novel now, then go read the interview.)
  • Here’s a transcript of a long interview with Alan Moore. This one had me conflicted. I’ve been a big fan of his work for decades, but all the shenanigans and the movies and now these accursed prequels make me want to act like I do when I see any kind of mention of the Dune prequels: put my fingers in my ears and go “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” I love the original work so much that I literally get sick to my stomach when I see it being abused like this. And now, the added dimension complicating this even more is that, in the interview, Alan Moore sounds a bit… well, read for yourself.

Finally, here are the other posts that appeared on Far Beyond Reality. It was a quiet week, because of the same issues I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post:

And that’s it for this installment of The Week That Was!  The next few weeks may be just as quiet as this past one, unfortunately, but I’ll just keep reading and reviewing whenever possible until things clear up a bit.

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  1. Sweet, thanks for linking up the Myke Cole interview and glad you enjoyed it.

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