Lookin’ Good: A Red Sun Also Rises by Mark Hodder

Sometimes I pick a book to review just based on how weird it sounds. Case in point, have a read of the synopsis of A Red Sun Also Rises by Mark Hodder, which seems to add a whole new level of weirdness with every new paragraph:

When Reverend Aiden Fleischer, vicar of the sleepy town of Theaston Vale, finds a hunchbacked, light-sensitive and crippled vagabond named Clarissa Stark begging at his door, little does he suspect it’s the start of an adventure that’s literally out of this world!

Bribed by an unscrupulous family, Fleischer and his companion flee to London’s missionary college, but in wicked Whitechapel, the faithless priest stumbles upon one of Jack the Ripper’s victims and becomes convinced that he himself is the notorious killer. With her friend’s mind shattered, Miss Stark is relieved when they are both posted to the far away Melanesian island of Koluwai, but here they encounter an even darker evil, one that transports them to another planet.

Beneath the twin suns of the planet Ptallaya, Fleischer and Stark encounter an alien species, the Yatsill, master mimics who, after gaining access to Miss Stark’s mind, create their own bizarre version of Victorian London.

But Fleischer and Stark’s new home from home is not safe, for the Blood Gods will soon invade, and if he is to defeat them and rescue the woman he’s come to love, Fleischer must first face his own inner demons!

Yeah. I haven’t read the author’s other works, but based on the plot summary (and that cover!) I decided to give this one a try. My review will follow soon, first on Tor.com and a few days later here. What do you think — would you check out A Red Sun Also Rises based on that description?

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3 Responses to Lookin’ Good: A Red Sun Also Rises by Mark Hodder

  1. Redhead says:

    I read Hodder’s Burton & Swinburne trilogy and it’s insanely wonderful. His style in that series was to take a zillion plot threads and have things all over the place, and then everything came together perfectly in the end. I’ve got the ARC of Red Sun Also Rises, so I’m hoping for more of that crazy spark.

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