Lookin’ Good: 23 Years On Fire by Joel Shepherd

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23YearsOnFireI’ve been going on for years now about how under-appreciated the Australian SF and fantasy author Joel Shepherd is. He’s written a great SF series about Cassandra Kresnov, a synthetic person and fascinating multi-dimensional kickass heroine (Crossover, Breakaway and Killswitch), and a great fantasy series entitled A Trial of Blood and Steel (SashaPetrodorTracato and Haven) about Sashandra Lenayin (another complex and kick-ass female protagonist) that should be a treat for any fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones out there.

(I reviewed all of these books back when I was part of the Fantasy Literature team – you can find those reviews on the author’s page at FanLit if you’re interested.)

I was just recently wondering when Joel Shepherd would come out with something new, given that it’s been a few years and he was so prolific before. Lo and behold, look what just landed on my doorstep: an advance copy of 23 Years On Fire, his forthcoming new novel in the Cassandra Kresnov series! A short happy-dance ensued.

This is a perfect example of the type of book I started these Lookin’ Good posts for:  it’s not out yet, I haven’t read it yet, but I’m really excited about it and I want to talk about it. It looks good. (It also literally, y’know, looks good. That’s a Stephan Martiniere cover!)

So… 23 Years On Fire is due out in the US in early September from the good folks at Pyr. Expect a review here around that time!

PS Apologies for the “Bloglovin” link at the top. I’m trying to get set up at that site, and apparently needed to do this to get everything working. Won’t be a regular occurrence.

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