Lookin’ Good: Speculative Fiction 2013, edited by Ana Grilo and Thea James

SpecFic2013Last year, Justin Landon and Jared Shurin published Speculative Fiction 2012, a collection of the best non-fiction genre content originally published on the web. The book collected about fifty essays and reviews (including one of mine) and provided an excellent snapshot of the wild and wonderful world of SF/F bloggery in 2012. Upon completion of the project, Jared and Justin handed over the editorial reins to Ana Grilo and Thea James, better known as the team behind the excellent Booksmugglers website.

Ana and Thea have been collecting submissions and combing through the vast amount of online essays, reviews and commentary. And today, they revealed the list of contributors for Speculative Fiction 2013, including not one but two pieces originally published right here on Far Beyond Reality—one by me, and one guest post! Just for fun, I won’t reveal which pieces were selected, in case anyone wants to take a guess.

The cover illustration is another fantastic piece by Sarah Anne Langton, who also created the striking cover for SpecFic 2012. The anthology’s foreword comes courtesy of award-winning author Seanan McGuire.

Just like last year, all proceeds from this anthology will go to Room to Read, and just like last year, I’ve asked the editors to donate my payment directly to the charity.

Here’s the full list of contributors:

Speculative Fiction 2013 is set for release in April.

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