Lookin’ Good: New AUDIO versions of Master of Whitestorm and Sorcerer’s Legacy by Janny Wurts!

The Master of WhitestormThis installment of Lookin’ Good should probably have been re-titled “Soundin’ Good”, as this is the first time I’m covering audio-books on Far Beyond Reality! I’m not an audio-book person, mainly because my attention tends to wander when listening to the spoken word, but I’ll happily make an exception for these two books by one of my favorite fantasy authors.

First up: Master of Whitestorm, an excellent standalone fantasy I reviewed here last year. Being a standalone, this is a great way to discover Janny Wurts. (The other standalone I always recommend to get started is her excellent To Ride Hell’s Chasm, reviewed here at Fantasy Literature.) Now, I don’t know the first thing about audio-books, but even I know the name of this book’s narrator: the great Golden Voice and Audie-winner Simon Prebble. Sold yet?

Listen to the first chapter of Master of Whitestorm here.

Sorcerer's LegacyNext up, Sorcerer’s Legacy, another classic standalone novel by Janny Wurts. Fun fact: Raymond E. Feist asked Wurts to collaborate on the Empire trilogy based on this novel! The audio edition of Sorcerer’s Legacy is narrated by yet another Audie winner, Emily Gray.

Listen to the first chapter of Sorcerer’s Legacy here.

And that’s it for this addition of Lookin’ Soundin’ Good. Go forth and get thee some great audio books!

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1 Response to Lookin’ Good: New AUDIO versions of Master of Whitestorm and Sorcerer’s Legacy by Janny Wurts!

  1. I’ve listened to both books, Stefan. The audio is excellent!

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