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Author Interview: Lev Grossman (2013 edition!)

Since “Lev Grossman third book” seems to be the most frequent search term leading people to this site (something I’m probably not helping at all by using that phrase to start off this interview), I think it’s only fair to post a brief … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Guy Gavriel Kay

For today’s interview, I’m extremely proud to welcome one of my favorite fantasy authors ever: Guy Gavriel Kay! GUY GAVRIEL KAY was born in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, and raised in Winnipeg. In the 1970’s he was retained by the Estate of … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Kathleen Bartholomew, sister of Kage Baker

Kage Baker was one of my favorite authors, an incredibly talented and imaginative writer who seemed to be able to do it all: SF, fantasy, horror, essays, short stories, and novels. Gardner Dozois called her “the best natural storyteller to … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Miles Cameron

For today’s interview, I’m very pleased to welcome Miles Cameron, author of the excellent new fantasy novel The Red Knight (my review). Far Beyond Reality: Hi Miles, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Since The Red Knight … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Cat Rambo (includes a giveaway!)

Cat Rambo’s short story collection Near + Far just came out this week, and as expected from this author, it’s a wonderful set of stories. I’ll re-post my review of the book here next week, but for now I … Continue reading

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Hey look, someone interviewed me!

I was extremely flattered when Mieneke van der Salm, proprietress of the excellent A Fantastical Librarian blog, asked to interview me for her ongoing Blogger Query series. The end result was just published, and (as you’d probably expect from me) … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Kim Stanley Robinson

For today’s interview, I’m proud to introduce another amazing author: the great Kim Stanley Robinson, whose newest novel 2312 just came out on May 22nd. If you haven’t read the novel yet, don’t worry: this interview is relatively spoiler-free and … Continue reading

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