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Damocles by S.G. Redling

Damocles by S.G. Redling is a charming but flawed twist on first contact stories, the twist being that, in this case, the humans are the aliens who are landing on a faraway planet after a long period of cryogenic sleep. … Continue reading

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Excerpt: The Mongoliad, Book Three

First of all – spoiler warning! This is an excerpt from The Mongoliad: Book Three. You’ll find out things that happened in the previous two books. If you haven’t read those books yet and don’t want your reading experience affected, … Continue reading

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Excellent deal on The Mongoliad right now!

I don’t do these kinds of posts very often, but this is just too timely: if you’re a Neal Stephenson fan like me but were holding out for the final book of The Mongoliad (the amazing alt-history Stephenson created with … Continue reading

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