The Week that Was: March 4th, 2012

Here’s this week’s installment of Far Beyond Reality’s roundup of interesting SF&F-related articles: The Week That Was!

Before I get started, an announcement: last weekend, fellow blogger Civilian Reader (whose name happens to be Stefan too) launched a weekly roundup of SF&F-related links called The Week In Review. To avoid confusion, I’ve suggested combining our posts into one big post called The Week That Was in Review by the Stefans. That way no one will mix us up, what with the similar-sounding titles and his posts also ending with an overview of the other articles he had on his blog that week. If the combined post doesn’t pan out for some reason, just remember: FBR does The Week That Was, CR does The Week in Review, and both of us are Stefan. Whatever the future may bring: Far Beyond Reality officially welcomes CR to the ranks of weekly news rounder-uppers and hopes his weekly-news-rounding-up career will be a long and fruitful one!

Anyway, here’s FBR’s very own installment of link-laden goodness for this past week!

The ongoing Great Alan Moore Reread series on has reached the eternal classic Watchmen. The first installment covers issues one through three of the series, and Tim Callahan has turned it into an absolutely brilliant piece of writing that does the legendary comic justice. If you love Watchmen as much as I do, you should really read this blog entry.

Here’s a great interview with Elspeth Cooper over at Staffer’s Musings. I didn’t truly love Elspeth’s novel, but she sure sounds like a nice person.

In this week’s installment of the ongoing Amazon Wars, SFWA has removed Amazon links from its site and replaced them with links to other online book vendors. Oh snap no they didn’t, etc.

One week left to send in your Hugo nominations! You know what this means? Yep, you guessed it: I once again managed to postpone something until the very last moment!

Hopping with anticipation for the new Scott Lynch novel? Planning to reread The Lies of Locke Lamora and/or Red Seas under Red Skies? Several bloggers are hosting a Locke Lamora read-along that’s conveniently starting right about now. I want to participate, but I can barely keep up with review books as it is. Still, I may try to squeeze in these hundred or so pages per week, especially now the author himself is posting some thoughts to go along with the, uh, read-along.

You may possibly have seen this already on one of the dozen or so blogs that have reported this: Michael Whelan is painting the ebook cover of the final Wheel of Time book. I’m mentioning it here, not because I’m a huge WoT fan, but because I usually love Whelan’s cover art and because it gives me an excuse to link to my favorite piece of art by him, maybe my  favorite fantasy image ever: the gorgeous cover he created for the finale to Tad Williams Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy.

Here are my favorite reviews of the week!

  • Here’s a long, loving review for a new audio version of an old favorite: The Guilded Earlobe reviews The Stand by Stephen King.
  • Drying Ink has been reading and reviewing the books in the Miles Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold, and this week he posted his review of Cetaganda. This is turning into a great, insightful series of reviews, and definitely worth a look.
  • Civilian Reader (there he is again!) posted a wonderful review of Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper. His opinion is much more positive than my own, which should prove once and for all that we are not the same person.
  • A Fantastical Librarian reviews Un Lun Dun by China Mieville. This novel was an odd one for me: I’ve been a fan of the author since his first novel and read almost everything he has written. I read about half of Un Lun Dun, really enjoyed it, and then put the book away after a few hundred pages because I felt like I’d seen enough.  Anyway, Mieneke provides an enthusiastic review that motivated me to finish the entire novel one day.

And finally, here are the other posts that appeared on the blog this week!

And that’s it for this week! Coming up in the next seven days: my reviews of Arctic Rising by Tobias Buckell (including a giveaway!) and The Legend of Eli Monpress by Rachel Aaron. I should also have a review of Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed and possibly one of the first Girl Genius omnibus by Phil and Kaja Foglio – if not next week, definitely the week after that! I’m still working on not one but two very exciting interviews – stay tuned for those. If I can work it out, I may also have a new Fifty Page Fridays for you, although that may have to go on alternating weeks for now, depending on how my schedule works out. And of course, in seven days, a new installment of The Week That Was!

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4 Responses to The Week that Was: March 4th, 2012

  1. Interesting round-up. 🙂 Some good stuff I’d missed, so thank you!
    I think it’s good to have as many weekly round-ups/weeks in review as possible – there’s so much going on around the internet that it’s impossible to catch EVERYTHING. Most of us have jobs ‘n’ stuff! 😉
    I was tempted to name my posts “The Week’s Goin’s On”… Maybe I’ll re-name them, to avoid any confusion.
    ‘tother Stefan (CR)

    • Tell me about it! I put links and ideas in a Notepad file throughout the week, then usually have to rush rush rush on Saturday night to get everything formatted and looking pretty. Having a job isn’t so bad – kids is much more challenging 🙂 (but also more fun)

      Well, if you do rename, we can maybe go for “The Week That Was Going On.” Or “The Week’s Goings-On That Were”?

  2. Redhead says:

    I’m very much looking forward to your review of Arctic Rising, as I just got a copy but haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet. Also can’t wait to hear what you thought of Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon. I loved it!

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