The Potato That Was: March 11, 2012

This week, I wrote a guest post for Staffer’s Musings about the eligibility or ineligibility of blogs in the Best Fanzine category of the Hugo Awards. Because today’s your last chance to send in Hugo nominations this year, I decided to turn over this weekly post to the many kind bloggers who linked to that post and brought in their own inimitable perspectives:

A Dribble of Ink

Bastard Books

Bookworm Blues

Civilian Reader

Only the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy


(If I’ve neglected to link to your post here, let me know in the comments so I can add the link!)

The discussion took a twist somewhere along the way, when it was pointed out that many of the lists of favorite blogs (including my own) were heavily skewed towards male-run blogs. Here are a few examples of people who wrote about this side of the equation. To make it fair, I made sure to list one female and one male blogger here:

Fantasy Cafe

My Awful Reviews

From the other side of the (virtual) fence, here’s a response posted by Hugo Award winning fanzine File 770. I mean, in the current issue of Hugo Award winning fanzine File 770.  Or possibly what will be the next issue once the latest collection of articles posted on this WordPress-hosted site are archived, bundled together and posted on Either way, take a look, it’s interesting reading.

And finally… if you’re wondering why this post isn’t called The Week That Was as usual, check out the comment by Hugo-nominated fan artist Taral Wayne on that File 770 post. Yeah. I know.

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