The Week That Was: April 22nd, 2012

I’ve let this section of the site slide for a few weeks, mainly because life got too busy, but I’m hoping to get it going again. So, here’s my first The Week That Was post in about a month!

Aidan over at A Dribble of Ink had a fun guest post by Jeff Salyards about his forthcoming debut novel Scourge of the Betrayer, a book I just started reading and plan to review here soon. (Sneak preview: if you like your fantasy gritty, say in the vein of the Black Company or maybe Joe Abercrombie, this may be a book you want to check out!)

Justin at Staffer’s Musings continues to make all us other bloggers look bad with his continuous onslaught of interesting posts. This week, he kicked off a series of articles about agency, starting off with a few great ones by people such as Elizabeth Bear and Mazarkis Williams.

Meanwhile over at the excellent (and newly redesigned) Bookworm Blues, Sarah posted a fantastic article by Elspeth Cooper about fantasy and disability. Must read, folks. (I reviewed Elspeth Cooper’s Songs of the Earth here.)

A while back, Niall of The Speculative Scotsman invited me to participate in a series of guest posts on his blog during his vacation. This week, my post went up: a long look at the Nebula-nominated short story “Her Husband’s Hands” by Adam-Troy Castro. I’m still having in-depth discussions about this story with people, going back and forth about all its implications. I can’t for the life of me see why it didn’t make it to the final ballot of the Hugo Awards, unlike several other stories that were nominated for both Hugo and Nebula Awards.

At Civilian Reader, there’s an interesting interview with David Tallerman that’s definitely worth a look, especially if you’ve read his  novel Giant Thief (which I reviewed here).

And now for something completely different: my 4 year old son and I are really into Ninjago, an animated series that’s a mish-mash of storylines you’ll recognize from other sources, but put together in such a fun way that it still works. (The concept is a pure stroke of genius, by the way: instead of trying – and inevitably failing – to make the toys look like the cartoon, they just went the reverse route and made the cartoon look like the toys. Brilliant.) Anyway, looking around for more Lego goodness for my son, I stumbled across this awesome link at SF Signal: Lego Catwoman and Lego Wonder Woman. I’m guessing this will be more his speed in a handful of years…

And finally, this week I posted the interview with editor and anthologist John Joseph Adams I’ve been working for weeks. I’m putting the final touches on another great interview, which I plan to post here in the next week or so.

That’s it for this short edition of The Week That Was! I hope to post these again on a weekly basis from now on… 

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